Opportunities for Giving

Cemetery Restoration Fund

The Beth Joseph Agudath Sholom Cemetery is located on Old Wright Shop Road in Madison Heights and dates back to the early 1900’s.  Routine maintenance of the Cemetery is paid through the Cemetery Trust, which is primarily funded by the purchase of plots and fees for perpetual care.  The Congregation is in the process of a much needed major restoration of the cemetery grounds.  Part of the restoration has been funded by a bequest from the Frances Heiner estate, which has paid for removal of overgrown trees and shrubs and restoration of the brick columns and iron fence and the historic gate and arch.  However, fundraising will be required to complete new landscaping and driveway repair.  Donations should be designated for Cemetery Restoration. 

Agudath Sholom Congregation General Fund

The General Fund is used for day-to-day operating expenses for the congregation, including the Rabbi’s salary, utilities, building and grounds maintenance, the bulletin, office expenses, and religious and educational expenses. All donations that are not designated for a specific fund go into the General Fund.

Building Fund

The Building Fund is used for capital improvements and major repair expenses. For example, the costs of the heating and cooling system and recent wiring repairs were paid from this fund.

Memorial Endowment

The purpose of the Memorial Endowment Fund is to strengthen and perpetuate Judaism and Jewish values within the Congregation and the Community. The fund was recently used to help a member attend the URJ regional conference and for some of the choir members to attend a URJ worship music workshop. In addition to donations, the fund is supported by the purchase of Yarzeit board nameplates.

Congregational Trust Fund

The purpose of the Congregational Trust Fund is to provide a long-term endowment and supplemental income for the congregation.

Choir Fund

The Choir Fund was established to help offset the expense of professional musicians for the High Holy Days.

Library Fund

The Library Fund is used to purchase books and supplies for the library.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund is used to provide financial assistance to members of the congregation and to members of the greater community. Disbursements are confidential; however, donations may be earmarked for a specific purpose, allowing the donor to remain anonymous to the recipient.

Emergency Assistance Fund

In response to the difficult economic times, the Board of Administration established a new Emergency Assistance Fund to provide financial assistance that is beyond the scope of the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund. The fund was initially financed by the LJCC and the Brotherhood.

In addition to these specific funds, donations may be earmarked for any specific purpose, such as Religious School, Adult Education, Religious Activities, Building and Grounds, Caring and Sharing Committee. If, for any reason, the funds cannot be used for the specified purpose, the donor will be contacted for permission to apply the funds to another purpose.