Join the Congregation

Our congregation has two categories of membership: voting members and non-voting members. A voting member must be an adult of the Jewish faith. All other persons who are a part of a family membership unit are non-voting members. A family is defined as any set of individuals greater than one. Single people or individuals with non-Jewish family count as individuals.

The Temple operates on a fair-share dues structure, and all members are asked to contribute according to their income based on a plan adopted by the congregation. Special arrangements can be made by request when there is a financial hardship.

Any member of the congregation would be happy to speak with you about joining, but Jessica Newmark is the chair of the membership committee and can help you with any questions or details.

The following committees have been organized to oversee the various activities of the congregation and all members are encouraged to participate: Religious Education, Religious Activities,Cemetery, Membership, Buildings and Grounds, House, Finance, Bulletin, Memorial-Endowment, Historical, Social Action, Library, Congregational Trust, and the Social Action Committee.